Highly Available Compute Resources

Designed to provide a highly scalable, on demand, self service access, management and automation to compute resources.

In the modern market your organization needs to be responsive. Whether you want you to expand or streamline your operations, we can do so instantaneously.



Resilient and reliable

Being highly scalable provides access to block device images striped and replicated across an entire storage cluster.

The Ceph backed technology has been in development for over ten years and comes from research by the Storage System Research Center at The University of California, Santa Cruz. Resulting in a reliable, scalable and high performing distributed storage system and thus a flexible foundation for all your storage needs.


Incredibly fast

Reliability doesn't have to be slow anymore. Scalability and high performance, all in one, providing a highly adaptable platform to variable system workloads.

Incredibly fast boot times and unheard of performance. You will have access to one of the fastest storage providers in the industry.

With up to 37000 IOPS, you can start imagining your projects backed by our infrastructure. Get access up to 40x Azure, 12x Google, 9x Amazon. An industry-leading performance level with a focus to continually improve.


* FIO tests performed on equivalent and comparable instances. BeeBop 2XLarge 10GB SSD Volume, Amazon c4.2xlarge EBS SSD 10GB Volume, Google Custom 8 Core 16GB RAM 10GB SSD Volume, Azure A4 8 Core 16GB RAM 10GB SSD Volume.


Do you care about storing masses of data? Choose our BeeStorage Standard. If your application is all about latency and high speed, then choose BeeStorage Plus. Either case, we have you covered.



Rich and productive enviroment

Our OpenStack backed cloud provides a rich, secure and powerful networking environment for deploying your business.

You can manage all networking related configuration via a Web dashboard or via API. Including your firewall security, topology, load balancing and VPN connectivity to extend your private cloud to an hybrid one.

High availability comes not only from compute and storage or just inside our data centers. Our multi homed connectivity helps to protect your business continuity.



Unbeatable network performance

Some constants in life limit the performance of your product. We can't change the speed of light, but what we can do is bring your product closer to your clients.

With our competitors miles behind us there isn't much more we need to say. We are closer, we are faster and your clients in Latin America will notice.


* All tests performed from Chile using a 1GB national and 20MB international bandwidth.