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Cloud computing

> Save time and effort

Trust your infrastructure with us. BeeBop provides you with resilient, reliable, powerful and scalable resources to host and manage your applications, databases and websites.


Public Cloud in Chile


Servers within a few


More speed for your applications


Get the tools

Our OpenStack backed cloud provides you with all the tools a modern market deployment infrastructure can offer.

High availability computing, resiliant and high speed storage, powerful and elastic load balancers, flexible network topologies and hybrid cloud are just a taste of the tools you will have at your disposal.

Get all the features

Navigate further and you will have access to incredible flexible and configurable features. Are you confident with API access? You can have it.


Make it simple

A web dashboard and selected wizards will help you make the most of a powerful infrastructure.

Incredibly fast

Not only does our cloud have incredibly fast boot times but also by having servers in Chile we can assure low latency for companies with users in Chile. This is an advantage that will make a difference in the speed of your application.

Managed Cloud

We can manage your cloud

If you require it, you can count on our support and technical advice by managing and monitoring your public or private 24x7 cloud.

The benefits? You have at your disposal an experienced team 24x7. Save on costs by outsourcing this tasks and dedicate your team only to generate more value. Reduce the loads of your equipment and release internal staff.

Implement your private cloud

An enterprise level IaaS based on OpenStack that is deployed in your installations.

Do you have special needs of reserved resources, privacy, security or geographical proximity? We can help you deploy a private cloud just for you.

You can also control the level of participation of our team in your infrastructure.

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BeeBop is in beta and only delivers services based on invitation. To apply for an invitation create a plan below filling in all the required information. If you are selected we will contact you.

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Do you have special needs of reserved resources, privacy, security or geographical proximity? We can help you deploy a private cloud just for you.

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Latin American Grown

Expanding from Chile

Latin America is one of the most dynamic and fast growing markets in the world. We are proud to care about and support this market.

We provide you with the best bandwidth, latency and selected resources for your Latin American projects starting from Chile and soon expanding to the rest of the region.